Mindfulness, a powerful tool for business leaders

For many of us, the idea of carving 15-30 min for meditation during a work day just sounds plainly impossible. With all the things on the to-do list, how in the world are we going to find the time? Besides, how do you actually practice mindfulness?


Business Centre Papula teamed up with Stefania Yoga & Wellness to find out how mindfulness will improve your working day. A mindfulness break was arranged at the cozy Lauttasaari sauna room. Here I share what members took away from the experience.


Mindfulness is the human ability to be conscious, fully present and aware of where we are and what we are doing. Using breathing and visualisation techniques, we bring focus to the current moment, acknowledge and accept thoughts, sensations and feelings without attaching judgement or meaning to them.


Everybody can do it, you don’t need any equipment, it is all about letting everything fall into the background and finding single-pointed focus.


You simply allow yourself to leave multitasking mode and actually focus on only one thing at the time. Your breath, your bodily sensations, a noise: just pick one and stick with it for a few minutes. Any time you notice being distracted, simply bring your attention back to your chosen focus point, gently and without judgement.


Only a few minutes of this calm focused state will leave you feeling fresh and energised, but it is no secret that consistency is the key to any practice. There is a reason why top leaders like Steve Jobs and Richard Branson have sworn by the power of Mindfulness.


Mindfulness meditation is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on your health: by lowering the blood pressure and reducing cortisol levels (stress hormone) in your blood, not only it allows you to be in a calmer state, but it will improve your sleep quality.


Through mindfulness, you learn to be fully present and objectively observe your thoughts. By clearing your mind of the background chatter, you will allow your creative side to come into power and make swifter decisions in your business life.


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By Stefania Alisciani,
founder of Stefania Yoga & Wellness


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