Offices and meeting rooms in beautiful Rautatalo

Our new location opened at the end of August. Rautatalo is a well-known building in the centre of Helsinki designed by Alvar Aalto. Rautatalo Office Hotel has private offices, coworking space and eleven meeting rooms.

Entry to Rautatalo Office Hotel happens from Keskuskatu, right next to Stockmann shopping center. Couple stairs up and you are in the beautiful Marmoripiha (Marble Yard). Our Rautatalo team, Kaisla and Alina will greet you in the reception of Marmoripiha when you arrive. Rautatalo has been closed for public for a long time and is now open to everyone again.


Nordea Bank had their offices in Rautatalo two decades ago and those times the whole building was reserved for one company only. When Nordea moved out last year the whole building went trough a massive renovation.


Rautatalo is now available for companies of all sizes. Fourth floor has private offices to rent, third floor is reserved for coworking and next to the reception in second floor is the meeting room center with eleven meeting rooms.



”We are creating a whole new way of working in Rautatalo where companies have an opportunitu to network with each other. The idea is that a small, new company can have a change to grow in a nice, easy and flexible space. Companies can start their journey from our coworking space and move to own office as the company grows”, explains Community Coordinator Kaisla Haro.


”Joie de vivre”


All Business Center Papula’s tenants in Rautatalo can stop over for a coffee in the cafeteria or enjoy their coffee and lunch in the shared facilities. We have several kitchens and coffee machines in the Business Center Papula’s facilities. The meeting rooms center in second floor has also a nice lounge where customers can wait before the meeting starts.


”Marmoripiha’s meeting room center is open to everyone and the meeting rooms are available from half an hour to whole day. We have eleven stylish meeting tooms. Smallest are for 5 people and the biggest one for 25 people. All of the meeting rooms have big displays and they are decorated with Italian design”, tells Alina Leppik, from Rautatalo’s reception.


After the renovation Rautatalo has evenly came back to life. You can hear people working in the coworking space and citizens has found their way to the caffeteria in Marmoripiha.


”We like to create an atmosphere to Rautatalo according the French phrase “Joie de vivre”,

says Kaisla. This means that we hope everyone to enjoy working in Rautatalo – by themselves and together with others.