Workspace Cube Smartblock came to the office

Have you already spotted Smartblocks in Rautatalo and Sähkötalo? Smartblock is a comfortable workspace cube where you can sit down and enjoy private, peaceful time by yourself or with someone.

Magnus Lindgren, Sales Manager of Smartblock tells that the idea of Smartblock workspace cube came up when companies started to prefer more open officies than private office rooms. Open officies are great but people need a private space in those too –people need a space like Smartblock.


”A need for privacy and peace at the office does not need to be attached to the work. Some might enjoy their own peaceful time in coffee breaks or for the last 10 minutes of your day when you go trough your day and prepare for the next one.”


According to Magnus these short breaks during workday are one very important way to enjoy Smartblocks along with meetings and other working purposes. Many users have also created whole new concepts how to use Smartblocks.


As examples Magnus would like to mention a Fifa-tournament and a movie night. Smartblock transformed to a football stadion for the Fifa Playstation-tournament where one company’s personal competed with each other. And who would not like to have a movie theater in their office? Smartblock can transfor to what ever you can think of.


”Okay, let’s admit – Smartblock movie theater is a bit smaller than a normal theater. However, the atmosphere in Smartblock is always one of a kind and a company can create their own unique traditions how to use it”, says Magnus.


You can find Smartblocks in Rautatalo’s 2nd and 3rd floor and in Sähkötalo from the space next to reception.