Expand your business with crowdfunding

When not too long ago funding a start-up involved accelerators, plenty of networking and pitching, now entrepreneurs have an alternative: crowdfunding.


In fact crowdfunding has become incredibly popular over the last few years. According to Niclas Ahlström, Finnish Country Manager for crowdfunding platform FundedByMe, it has already surpassed venture capital funding worldwide.

Ahlström sees crowdfunding as a democratic and very transparent process. Anyone with cash and desire can participate in crowdfunding.

“In the future the crowd will be able to self-regulate funding cases as Wikipedia does with its content. Bad cases will be red flagged by the larger public. It shifts the power balance away from banks and venture capital firms to ordinary people. Ordinary people will have access to deal flow which was before only reserved only for the privileged elite,” says Ahlström.


Besides raising funds fast, crowdfunding is also a great way to gain marketing value for your brand.  Ahlström reminds that the campaign gives worldwide exposure to your company and therefore helps to build the brand:

“In equity crowdfunding you get shareholders worldwide who help spread the word about your business and you grow organically much faster”.

The more authentic and compelling your story is, the better changes you have engaging new shareholders.


FundedByMe is our new partner and they offer a platform for equity based crowdfunding in Finland. The platform has approximately 83% of the Nordic equity crowdfunding market. They specialize in cross border investments, so if you are looking for global exposure FundedByMe is a good choice.

“We also cater to our entrepreneurs’ needs and source smart money investors from their industry and contact persons to assist in their growth“, says Ahlström.

If you are interested in crowdfunding, we are happy to present your company to FundedByMe’s Finnish team.